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Hvac System Replacement

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Your air conditioner replacements should not be taken lightly. By contacting us, you can rest assured that the replacement will be completed on time and with the best possible efficiency. The time it takes to replace a new air conditioner range from four to eight hours on average. Most homeowners do however choose to replace both the system and the furnace, and this can take a bit longer than just a standard replacement. The amount of time will also depend on the size of the unit and your home, as well as the location where it's set up. If you live in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, or the Charlotte area, we offer full or swop replacement service.


Swop Replacement Services

System swapping is as simple as it gets with us. The term "swop" refers to the act of swapping out an old air conditioner for a new one. The rest of the equipment is going to remain unchanged. The ductwork, disconnect boxes, and heat pumps, to name a few, are all in place and undamaged, so we don't need to do any additional work or facilitate any repairs. One day is all it takes to perform a "swop" system replacement instead of an entire system replacement.


Full Replacement Services

A comprehensive system replacement entails our skilled HVAC specialists replacing or installing your ductwork, rewiring your thermostats, condenser setup, and tending to your furnace as well as any filter replacement that may be required. As you might expect, a full replacement service, similar to our new installation operations, takes a little longer to do efficiently and effectively. One of the most important steps in any of our comprehensive installation services is replacing the ductwork, which can take the majority of the time depending on how large it is, and the removal of your old unit comes second.


Outdated System Removal

Your old air conditioner contains a refrigerant that must be removed before any replacement services can be completed. To properly and legally remove the refrigerant from an existing central air conditioning system, we use an approved recovery machine and a recovery tank. Only by using this method can the refrigerant be safely removed and handled in the right manner. We have all the necessary EPA certifications and are completely certified, so you can rest assured that your replacement is in good hands. To begin disconnecting any electrical wiring, we must first collect the refrigerant. When we replace your air conditioner, we replace the disconnect box and the whip to assure the greatest possible replacement job. For systems that no longer meet current safety standards, such as those that lack a disconnect box, our staff will install a new one as needed by all legal regulations. When all of these boxes are checked, then the replacement system is ready to be changed.


Professional HVAC Replacements

Regardless of the type of HVAC replacement service you require, HVAC Repairs and Installation Heating and Air Conditioning Services are here to help and guide you in selecting the best and most cost-effective solution for your heating and cooling needs. The professionals that we employ have not just a high level of qualifications but also the certifications to back them up. If you are unsure of any replacement requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can provide you with a cost estimate for your updated replacement system.