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Indoor Air Quality

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The quality of the air you breathe is crucial to your health, and it is especially important to maintain the quality of the air in your own house. Humidity may build up in the air and affect our respiratory health if the air conditioning is always running. We are dedicated to the well-being of our customers and make it our priority as we strive to be among the most reputable air conditioning contractors for both North and South Carolina.


HVAC Dehumidifier

Humidity may do a lot of damage that you aren't aware of. It's worse than the heat. Using a dehumidifier is one of the greatest solutions to reduce the overall humidity in your home. As one of the leading air conditioning companies in the area, our team of skilled contractors will assist you in locating the most cost-effective dehumidifier for your home. Many of our dehumidifiers are centrally operated and capable of removing humidity throughout the house. A dehumidifier installed in your cooling system will guarantee that you enjoy a more peaceful and cooler indoor atmosphere with great indoor air quality. In addition to having very competitive prices, we also take pride in being the most qualified and experienced HVAC contractor in the region.


Air Duct Cleaning

All the dust in your air ducts is removed by our expert personnel and the correct air duct cleaning gear. With our strong vacuum firmly linked to the trunk line to gather dirt without releasing it into the air, we clean both the supply and return lines separately. The dust-free vents and registers in your home will be in place as soon as we finish the service. At the same time, we clean the HVAC system, eliminating dust and grime that might impair the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. We pay particular attention to the air conditioning coils, the heat exchanger, and the fan during this step of the process.


Compatible HVAC Filters

We also recommend that any filters be cleaned or changed regularly as part of maximum indoor air quality enhancement. This is why you should call us if you're having trouble deciding on a filter for your furnace or air conditioner for indoor air quality improvement. We help in providing solutions to assure a tight enough weave to trap tiny particles like pollen and fine dust, but not so tight that it restricts airflow and causes your system to work harder and wear down any filters. We also provide electrostatic filters that integrate electrostatic filtration with mechanical filtration into one. Our contractors will validate that the filter's efficiency rating meets the furnace manufacturer's suggested efficiency rating and that the filter is compatible with your system.


Professional Cleaning at Affordable Pricing

We provide air duct cleaning services to guarantee that indoor air quality is of the highest quality. Viruses and bacteria may build up in your home's air ducts over time, and when air passes through them, it spreads throughout your house. Our comprehensive cleaning service is one of the greatest ways to improve the quality of indoor air. So, if you're sick of searching for ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home, give us a call for the most affordable and effective solutions.